Let’s Have a Cuppa: June 2020

Hello and welcome to all you beautiful people. No your eyes aren’t deceiving you, I am indeed back. Over the past month I’ve been dealing with a bit of a health scare. It was nothing serious and I’m pretty much back to normal now. No need to worry.

I started experiencing heart palpitations, something I’ve never felt before so first dismissed what I was feeling as heart palpitations. I was hyper aware of my heart. I couldn’t hear or feel it beating, I was just very aware it was beating in my chest. Then I’d have moments where it felt like my heart had stopped or was about to. Thankfully it hadn’t, no pains in my chest, but this wave of fear would go through me. I’d breath deeply just to make sure I was still alive and okay. I came to the conclusion the sensation I was feeling was my heart skipping a beat. Terrifying if you’ve never experienced it before. On top of that I started to feel like there was a lump in my throat, at times I thought I wouldn’t be able to swallow anything. Thankfully that wasn’t the case but that didn’t stop the discomfort and occasional lack of appetite. I looked up the symptoms online and I think I was experiencing some kind of chemical imbalance in my thyroid gland. It wasn’t swollen so the problem couldn’t have been that serious. I changed my diet to see if that would get me back to normal. I can happily say since doing that I feel like myself again. I’m ready to get back in the swing of things.

Besides worrying about my body I have been doing other things to distract my mind between heart palpitation episodes.

I’ve started doing regular walks which is very refreshing. A daily practise I should’ve been doing long before lockdown started and this health scare of mine. Even a short walk around my neighbourhood greatly benefits me physically and mentally. I encourage others to add the practise into their daily routine. A twenty or thirty mintue walk isn’t much time out of your day.

The rest of Rick and Morty season 4 started and finished. It was an interesting season and now we have another long wait for the next one. I know there are mixed opinions about it but watching film theory talk about the episodes made me appreciate them more. At last Harley Quinn has graced UK TV screens. I am so happy. Harley is one of my all time favourite characters and the show gives her her own voice. It breaks her away from the Joker with comedy and delicous violence. Plus Ivy, another supervillain queen, isn’t over sexualised. I watched a new sci-fi show called Pandora. It has a similar feel to The Vampire Diaries for me except it’s in the sci-fi genre. Plenty of teen/young adult angst to go around. I liked it and look forward to it’s already confirmed second season. It took awhile but I finally got the whole family to sit down and watch the Mandalorian. It’s such a good series. A must watch for Star Wars fans.

Moviewise I’ve been watching a lot, I mean a lot of terrible horror movies. Some were entertaining, others were boring and there were moments when you just have to ask why. I love the horror, I really do. There are some truly amazing films within the genre but there is a lot of garbage.

I haven’t been playing many games lately. In preparation for the Last of Us Part 2 I’ve been replaying the first one. I was more than excited for the sequel and overjoyed now that I’m playing it. I want to wait till I’ve finished the game before I comment but I will say I’ve found there have been more shocking moments then heartbreaking ones. The other game I’ve been playing a lot is Dead By Daylight. I only recently bought it and instantly fell in love. It’s made so much better by playing with friends, keeping the repetitive gameplay interesting with conversation and laughs.

I’ve also been working on my first book. Progress is slow. That’s fine for now. This is what I want to do and I decided it was high time I get started. I like writing for competitions, I find it good practice but I was becoming restless. I’ve started building a fantasy world not only for the setting of my first book but for many other books and stories to live in. I wanted to jump straight in to writing when I figured out the story but I quickly realised I need to establish a lot of things about my world before doing that.

We’re at the tail end of June now so there isn’t much left to aim for by the end of the month. I will definitely be doing a July Let’s Have a Cuppa, on time this month, so for now I’ll just say I’m focused on getting back into the rhythm of blog work. I have a post already written and ready to go. I have some ideas to introduce because this baby is still developing and changing. Some things will work and others won’t but I won’t know what does until I give them a try.

Let’s not forget that June is Pride month, a perfect time to discover new creatives within the LGBTQ+ community, although they should always be supported. Celebrate the characters that are good representation and let people feel seen. Happy Pride month to all you beautiful souls.

Now for the big paragraph. While I’ve been recuperating the plot for 2020 has escalated further. This time I believe it’s an important cause and working towards the greater good. We are in a time of major change and it’s not going to end anytime soon. It baffles me that the world is still smothered in inequality in this day and age. Everyone deserves the right to feel safe and comfortable in their own skin. It’s your body, not like you can leave it and get a new one. Right now Black Lives Matter protests are happening all over the world and have been happening for many weeks. Already we can see change is in motion. Yes it’s small and slow at the moment but the longer we stand together, making our voices heard, the more change that will happen. To all the people of colour let your voices be heard. Bring the change that will let you feel safe to walk down the street. To do normal everyday activities without fear or prejudice. I encourage everyone to be an ally. Be an ally for Black Lives Matter. For all the people you know and all of those you don’t. For all the future generations. Keep the change moving forward. If there are things you don’t fully understand do some research. Just do research in general. Join protests or donate, if you can. Support black creatives. There are creators posting videos whose advertising proceeds go to Black Lives Matter. Watch some of their content. Ultimately use your words and your voice. Words are incredibly powerful. Words can change hearts and minds. If all of us come together we can make the world a better place. One filled with love for all. People’s lives won’t have to be made harder because of the colour of their skin or who they choose to love or what gender they identify as. I never intended for this to be a space for political or social issues but there are some things you can’t stay quiet about. The continued unfair treatment, brutality and unnecessary deaths of people of colour is one of those issues. Reading experiences people are sharing is eye opening enough. I know I might get things wrong, I probably already have but I want to speak my piece. I want to be a good ally. I want there to be equality and racial equality is the change we are seeking now. This is the first domino towards racial equality.

Thank you all for reading and being patient with me. Please all look after yourselves. I’ll see you in the next post.

-Your Hostess-

Image Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/blur-close-up-coffee-cup-cup-405238/ Photographer: freestocks.org

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