A New Dragon Is Summoned…

The Hostess calls forth from The Brood a new hatchling. So without further ado…

Hello, and welcome fellow geeks and others. I shall be known as Saethryx The Daydreamer; The first Lesser Dragon and second content creator for Teatime With Dragons.

“So…”, you wonder, ”why have a second content creator? The first one was doing just fine on their own.” Well… I’m joining as second content creator mainly because the workload for The Hostess meant that she could only get so much content out per month, sometimes even missing months because she gets too invested in one article, so I thought she could use the help.

An important thing to note is that; I’m not a very good writer… but do I really need to be good at writing to talk about my interests with everyone? No, I do not. I feel I’m gonna be bettering my writing as I go anyway. I’ve also got ASD, specifically Asperger’s Syndrome, but that’s not gonna stop me either; in fact it probably makes me more suited for this blog due to my obsessive nature. What most consider a disability I consider a strength

Now you ask, “so what kind of things do you like Saethryx”, well I’m glad you asked. The answer to that question is: A bit of everything really. I generally go by the rule of try anything once before dismissing it, this means that I enjoy a wider range of things than most. I do consider this a bit of an a annoyance though due to not having enough time to enjoy it all but I still wouldn’t have it any other way.

Overall my main passion would be music. For some reason I prefer audio stimulus over other forms of entertainment, plus you can do other activities while listening to music and instruments are really fun to play even if you aren’t very good. I only really got into music around 2016 and only properly got into it when I picked up guitar around 2017. I didn’t pick up guitar because I wanted to become a rockstar or anything, I picked up guitar because a friend of mine loved Metallica and played guitar as a hobby. I picked up guitar because I thought it looked like fun, and I’m glad I did. I didn’t even start off where most people do either, the first song I started learning was Metallica’s One because that’s what my friend was learning to play at the time. Nowadays I look back and think that maybe I’d be able to play better if I hadn’t started with such a difficult track (difficult for a beginner) but at least I had fun which is all that matters. It’s also because of my guitar friend that I got into Metal, of course over time my music taste broadened but I still do love a good bit of Metal. If you asked me now I wouldn’t be able to tell you what my favourite genre is or who my favourite artist is. I mostly like Rock, particularly Prog Rock, and Metal but I do like a lot of other stuff; I even have some Kraftwerk in my CD collection; yes, I do prefer physical formats; also yes, Yes is a great band. Because I only got into music so recently I would say that this hobby of mine is still pretty early in it’s development, but just because it’s my most recent hobby doesn’t mean I can’t be most passionate about it.

Way before I was into music though, I was playing video games. No real backstory for this one, I just like video games. I enjoy most genres of games: from shooters to puzzle games to RPGs, even to some visual novels (if you count those as games). Some favourites would be Doom (1993), Mount And Blade (Warband) and the Touhou series. In my opinion, a good game doesn’t need fancy graphics or a masterpiece of a story; it doesn’t even have to play well, it just needs to be entertaining. If one aspect of the game feels a little lacking but it’s still entertaining then it’s still a great game. This view is represented by the games I listed as my favourites: does Doom have a good story, no but the gameplay is timeless. Does Mount And Blade have amazing graphics, nope. Touhou has some of the worst artwork of any game series ever but the gameplay, soundtrack, characters and world building make it great. You don’t even have to play Touhou to enjoy it and appreciate the world it’s set in; there’s more than enough official and fan content to get fully invested.

I’ve never really been super into live action TV. I’ll watch the occasional show now and then but I’ve never been able to get truly invested in anything. Except Dr. Who, mainly the old stuff. This is mostly because I was brought up on it; I can’t tell you the first time I saw an episode or what the first episode I saw was, all I know is I was hooked right from the start. When I went to boarding school (because of my ASD, not because I’m posh) one of the few things I had to entertain me after the days activities was to sit in my room and rewatch the few DVDs I had. I can’t tell you how many times I rewatched The Daleks or The Tomb of The Cybermen. Even though by today’s standards it looks really cheap and some of the stories are laughably terrible, looking at you Twin Dilemma, it just has this charm to it that makes it so entertaining and keeps me coming back for more. I do like the reboot series but it just doesn’t have the same charm that the old series does and it’s been going downhill for a while now, here’s hoping for some improvement with the next season.

I think I got a bit carried away on that last paragraph there, sorry. I get a bit too carried away sometimes, just one of my quirks. I guess I should probably wrap this up.

My interests do line up with The Hostess’ in many places, but there are also many places where our interests differ. Having different opinions is not a bad thing though, it’ll allow us to give different perspectives on things and cover stuff that the other isn’t very interested in.

I do hope you enjoy my articles. We hope to see slightly more content being uploaded from now on.

Saethryx The Daydreamer

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