About Me

Greetings inquisitive traveller,

Here you can learn a bit more about me. Maybe we even have some things in common, I really hope we do if you’ve found your way here.

I am your hostess, Heather. I used to be one of those people who wasn’t very good at writing profiles or talking about themselves, but not anymore. Now I am embracing my true authentic self. No one should be afraid to be themselves, this is who you are. Self love is incredibly important so be gentle with yourself, okay?

I can be considered the quiet type until you get to know me or I’m comfortable around you. I think that comes from being an INFJ, if there’s anyone interested in Myers-Briggs 16 personality types. If I had to list some personality traits for myself they’d include: kind, caring, loyal, honest, hardworking, apparently sassy, smart, open-minded and passionate. I’m not quick to anger but no one wants to see me when I am.

I’m a passionate writer on a mission to bring people together and spread happiness. I used to be focused on pursuing an acting career but have always loved to write when I had the chance. After all the training I’ve done I realised that wasn’t the path I wanted to go down any longer. Everything I learned in my training can be incorparated into my writing, either on this blog or the fictional worlds that I want to create. 

I live for stories, even more for the characters going through that journey. It’s why I’m into most things geeky. Obviously I haven’t read/seen/heard everything but I’m working my way through as much as I can. Books, films, TV shows, video games, comics, graphic novels, visual novels, anime, manga, theatre, fantasy, horror, sci-fi and I’m positive there’s more interests for me to list.

I truly love making people happy, so much so that I put others before myself more than I probably should. Especially friends and family, the people I care about most. We’re all here learning and clearly this is one of my lessons.

I’m very much an animal lover. You show me an animal there’s a high probability I’ll respond with an ‘awww’, yes even if it’s a blob fish or a goliath bird eating spider. My only problem inregards to the animal kingdom is insects walking on me. It’s really uncomfortable. I don’t hate them, I just don’t want them walking on my skin. 

Finally I’ve recently started exploring spirituality and noticed connections in things I’ve been reading and watching. So if I write about those connections and some ideas seem a bit out there, that’s why. Even from a young age I’ve been interested in the paranormal and dark fantasy creatures.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about little old me. I hope you stick around.

-Your Hostess-