Hello and welcome to our humble tea party. This is a safe space were everyone is welcomed and accepted. You don’t need to be a tea drinker to join us, so grab a cup. Come take a seat, share your opinions and join all the other individuals releasing their inner dragons.

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What can I find here?

The short answer is a lot. For a longer answer I can say that the closest description for the ‘niche’ here is geek culture. Is that too broad? Yes. Yes it is, but as a fellow geek I found it too difficult to choose just one interest to focus on. So here you will find posts on books, films, TV series, video games, theatre, anime and more. A little bit of something for everyone. Mostly I’ll be focusing on reviews. Well it’ll be more my thoughts, feelings and opinions on what I read, play, watch etc. There will be comparisons of adaptations such as between books and films, highlights of certain characters that are good and bad examples of representation as well as sharing recommendations for geeky products and businesses that I find. I aim to provide an inclusive space to spark discussion, hopefully introduce people to something new and of course help forge friendships between people with similar interest. I am happy to take any requests or recommendations. Posts can be found in Time for Tea.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Hopefully I’ve piqued your curiosity enough for you to stick around. This is only the beginning.

-Your Hostess-

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